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Our customersongoing support has made continued growth for Ho Char a reality, allowing us to become the leading supplier of metal oxides in Asia.



About Ho Char

Ho Char Industrial Chemical Materials Corporation has been a specialist in marketing metal oxides for electrical and chemical applications in Taiwan, China and Asia for more than 45 years, co-operating with Umicores Cobalt Oxide & Nickel Oxide (Belgium), ZINSAs Zinc Oxide (Peru), American Chemets Copper Oxide (USA), Taiwan Cupric Oxide, Zochems Zinc Oxide (Canada), Voestalpines Iron Oxide (Austria), and other suppliers and products.


Environment Social Governance

Since its establishment, Ho Char has not only strived for greatest achievements in the sales of specialized chemical raw materials but also actively engaged with stakeholders such as employees, customers, suppliers, and the society.



Zochem values safety, integrity, teamwork, customer satisfaction, quality, growth for our team members and the continual success of our business.

Headquartered in Dickson TN facility, Zochem is the largest producer in North America at 100,000 MT capacity.

Regardless of the industry, Zochem can meet your zinc oxide needs. We also have the capability of producing customized grades of zinc oxides and we ship in a wide variety of packaging, including custom packaging.


American Chemet

Chemet is dedicated to being a leading global supplier of high quality metal-based chemicals while first and foremost committed to excellence in customer service.

Additionally, Chemet values quality, environmental stewardship, and business ethics, continually striving to improve for the collective benefit of the customers, suppliers, and employees. Chemet specializes in the production of cuprous oxide, cupric oxide, basic copper carbonate, and fine copper powder.

Chemet is the global leader in copper oxides. Since the 1970's the company has produced both cuprous oxides and cupric oxides which are sold around the world.



Zinsa has the experience and understanding of the techniques, processes, capabilities and applications of non-ferrous metal based products (zinc, lead, copper and others) for different industries, constantly developing new products and applications to give more tangible value to end customers and intermediaries.

The quality of Zinsa products and the superior service are supported by the trust placed by our local and international customers in more than 38 countries in Europe, Latin America, North America, Central America, the Caribbean, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.



Umicore is a leading circular materials technology company with an extensive expertise in the fields of material science, chemistry and metallurgy.

Umicore is a global leader in the recycling, refining, transformation and marketing of metal-based specialty chemicals, with a main focus on cobalt and nickel. Umicore also offers an extensive range of cobalt oxides, ranging from high grade specialty oxide to lower grade alternatives that are able to meet the specific needs of each color application in the ceramics industry.



Voestalpine, as an innovative and leading global steel and technology group, operates in over 50 countries across five continents with approximately 500 group companies and subsidiaries.

Voestalpine has established itself as a key partner in the automotive and consumer goods, aerospace, and oil & gas industries, with our product and system solutions. Voestalpine also stands as a global market leader in railway infrastructure systems, tool steel, and special section.


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